Queer Nation NY releases viral video to deliver it’s message to Coke, effectively!

It is meant to shame Coca Cola, one of the major sponsors of 2014 Winter Olympics in Russia where LGBTQ community is marginalized with the new “protect the children from homosexuality” law. Queer Nation is a direct action group dedicated to ending discrimination, violence and repression against the LGBT community. As such, the organization is […]

It’s fun at Indigo

Just when you think that bookstores are boring and as old as yesterday’s news, many retailers are bringing back joy and new experience to a “bookstore run.” It’s no longer just about books – it’s about the entire experience.   Indigo Bookstore, a Canadian bookstore chain, has done a tremendous effort to keep customers in […]

Positioning even at posters

Yup, we all get it. Yup, we all know it. Marketing is all about positioning, location, pricing and service. Oh, the dread 4Ps. This applies to almost every piece of communication including posters. Posters provide information to our clients… about a sale item, about promotion or even about renovation. In this cheesy poster, Sherway Gardens […]

Life is a journey

I talked about this before, life is a journey. Lately I find that I have been talking about life a lot instead of work. And I am passionate about work. Almost eight weeks have past and I’m still hurting. I won’t wish upon anyone. But what I wish for everyone is to realize that things […]