I’m a data-driven marketer

Ranked in Comscore’s Top 50 Canadian Travel-related website. Digital marketer. Acquisition expert.

Career Highlights

Online Acquisition & Lead Generation


Raised $3 million for Plan International’s to fund development projects through online and telemarketing campaigns

online lead generation jorge lee

Delivered 60,000 online leads to a telecom company

online acquisition jorge lee

Acquired 26,600 credit card applications for a credit card company

online marketing optimization jorge lee

Decreased the online acquisition cost of a loan company by 30%

Website Traffic, User-Experience & SEO

top travel websites in canada

Ranked Top 50 travel-related websites in Canada

e-commerce online conversion

Increased Pillar To Post’s website conversion by 14% after e-commerce redesign

enhance user experience jorge lee marketing

Revamped PIC’s e-commerce platform significantly dropping ux-related complains

jorge lee increase organic traffic canada

Increased organic traffic of Pillar To Post by 30%

Social Media, E-Mail & Content Marketing

jorge lee content marketing marketer toronto canada

Published 30,00 social media stories including videos, infographics and games

jorge lee social media marketing

Developed social media policy for PTP and PTP

jorge lee marketing event

Produced 40-delegate international conference for Acqua Soft Water Systems

jorge lee speaker marketing toronto canada

Delivered over 100 seminars on e-mail, social and search marketing

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