Fundraising – $ 3.5 million

At Plan, I raised a total of $ 3.5 million through its Gift of Hope and Solutions programs. Most of the revenue came from existing donors whom I've cultivated throughout the year and tapped during fundraising season.
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Website and E-Booking Redesign and Optimization

The challenge of Pillar To Post's previous website was that their message was lost due to poor user-interface, heavy copy and crowded home page. The user-experience was poor - users couldn't find the information that they needed. Even the administration dashboard was cumbersome requiring a lot of outside help making website changes very costly. I project managed the development of the new e-commerce site - a humongous project reaching about 400 unique subpages/store locations each with its own URL. Knowing that Pillar To Post's aggressive growth plan was in place, we needed a site that was nimble so we created a modular proprietary CMS. Each module had a function (e.g. social media, featured images) that could be placed almost anywhere on the site and anywhere on the page. Also, we streamlined the site menu taking out unnecessary pages and packaging content in modules. The result was an easy-to-understand website optimized for a better user-experience. It had better layout and intuitive site map that matched the user's behaviour. All these elements appealed to PTP's target market - busy individuals purchasing homes and real estate agents that need quick information. The result was an 12%  increase in the conversion rate and over 70% increase in website traffic including return visits.

Webstore Redesign

The previous e-Commerce site of Gifts of Hope program was buggy, confusing and misleading according to an analysis made by the previous fundraisers. It was difficult to navigate, difficult to extrapolate data and the copy didn't deliver the brand promise. As the marketing lead for Gifts of Hope, I supervised the development of the new E-Commerce site which featured 48 products or gifts all highly personalized. We assembled a team of designers, writers, web developers, IT analysts and fulfillment vendor for a timely launch just before the fundraising season. The result was an impressive 99.5% fulfillment rate with only less than 1 % of transactions were reported to had been fulfilled undesirably.

You're in good company...

I hired Jorge and he became a key member of the Aquisition team at Plan. He did a great job managing multiple projects, keeping his head under extreme pressure and was a real professional in deportment and attitude.

While Jorge was at Plan he managed, wrote and deployed e-blasts, helped write post analysis documents, managed results and dealt with multiple internal and external partners.


During my time at VLR, Jorge provided me with a number of timely reports required for the business. During his tenure with the company we underwent exponential growth in new products and Jorge spearheaded all package development while maintaining his support role for the entire sales department.


Jorge has done a great job of helping me and my franchisees understand and put social media to work. He’s very good at warning about the pitfalls and helping individuals to set realistic expectations and attainable goals for this great new tool.


Jorge represented the Pillar to Post Home Inspection brand so well that I recommended the franchise to my son, who is now a franchisee in San Diego.

Would I recommend the performance and professionalism of Jorge Lee to others? I would–in a heartbeat!


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